Partnerships and community development program


PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), as a State-Owned Enterprise which in carrying out its duties has been regulated in Undang- undang No. 19 of 2003 tentang Badan Usaha Milik Negara, also has a role as a development agent as referred to in several regulations as follows:

  1. Undang -Undang nomor 38 tahun 2009 tentang Pos dan Peraturan Pemerintah nomor 15 tahun 2013 tentang Pelaksanaan Undang - Undang nomor 38 tahun 2009 tentang Pos. In implementing this regulation, PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) carries out its duties as the executor of the Universal Postal Service (LPU)/Public Service Obligation to ensure the availability of Postal services throughout the archipelago.
  2. Peraturan Presiden nomor 74 tahun 2017 tentang Peta jalan sistem perdagangan nasional berbasis elektronik tahun 2017 - 2019 (road map ecommerce 2017 - 2019) which assigns PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) to prepare operational and service capacity in the logistics sector.
  3. Peraturan Menteri BUMN nomor Per-02/MBU/7/2017 tentang Perubahan Kedua atas Peraturan Menteri BUMN nomor Per-09/MBU/7/2015 tentang Program Kemitraan dan Bina Lingkungan Badan Usaha Milik Negara.

Program Aims and Objectives

  1. Encouraging the acceleration of the independence of micro and small businesses in the context of realizing a just and prosperous and equitable society, it is necessary to implement development and empowerment programs for micro and small businesses through access to capital, management, promotion and marketing, and others.
  2. Provide guidance and assistance to small entrepreneurs, cooperatives and the community.

Source of funds

Funds for program implementation come from:

  1. Provision for part of the net profit of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero),
  2. The budget that is calculated as the cost of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero),
  3. Administration services and interest on demand deposits/deposits.


The Partnership Program is a program to improve the ability of small businesses to be strong and independent. This Partnership Program consists of 3 sub programs, namely:

  1. loans to finance working capital and/or purchase of fixed assets in order to increase production and sales,
  2. additional loans to finance short-term needs in order to fulfill orders from business partners of Foster Partners
  3. coaching to finance education, training, apprenticeship, marketing, promotion and other matters relating to increasing the productivity of the Foster Partners as well as for assessment/research related to the Partnership Program.

Small Businesses that can participate in the Partnership Program are as follows:

  1. have a net worth of at most Rp. 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million rupiah) excluding land and buildings for business premises, or have annual sales of at most Rp. 2,500,000,000.00 (two billion five hundred million rupiah)
  2. owned by Indonesian Citizen
  3. independent, not a subsidiary or branch of a company that is owned, controlled, or affiliated directly or indirectly with a medium or large business
  4. have potential and business prospects to be developed;
  5. have carried out business activities for at least 6 (six) months
  6. have not met the requirements of banking or Non-Bank Financial Institutions

The Partnership Program Funds disbursed are:

  1. A maximum of Rp.200,000,000.00 or according to the availability of funds and needs.
  2. Services for general loans at 3% per year which is calculated from the balance at the beginning of the year.
  3. Services for loans based on the principle of buying and selling, the resulting margin projection is equalized with a margin equal to administrative services
  4. For loan services based on profit sharing principle, the profit sharing ratio for State-Owned Enterprises for Trustees is starting from 10% (ten percent) (10 : 90) up to a maximum of 50% (fifty percent) (50 : 50) based on the agreement.
  5. Maximum instalment period is 3 years.

Procedure for applying for a loan

Prospective Foster Partners prepares the following requirements:

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Attach to the application form the following:
    • photocopy of deed of establishment from a notary for a business in the form of a PT or CV
    • AD/ART and Minutes of RAT last year approved by the local Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs.
    • Photocopy of KTP of Husband and Wife and Family Card
    • 2 (two) recent photos of Husband and Wife measuring 4 X 6 Cm
    • Photocopy of Guarantee (Original submitted when the application is approved/distribution)
    • Business place photo
    • Business location plan
    • Business license
    • Certificate that the person concerned is not being fostered by another BUMN PKBL.
  3. The submission document is sent to the PKBLD Unit whose location is listed below.

Procedures for assessing and terminating loan applications:

  • The PKBLD Unit of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) will conduct a survey to the location of the Prospective Foster Partners to conduct field verification of the validity of the required documents and loan eligibility.
  • PKBL PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) will decide the feasibility of applying for financing. The decision can be in the form of: the application is completely rejected, partially rejected and or accepted according to the application.
  • Partial or complete refusal of the application is not mandatory for PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) to notify the applicant of the reasons.

Installment payment method

  • Installment payments begin the following month after loan disbursement.
  • Payment is made no later than the 10th of each month.
  • Payments are made through the Postal service, namely transfers via virtual accounts/MB Giro on Giropos services, cash deposits through Pospay counters at the Post Office and Agenpos.
  • The installment value paid is in accordance with the loan principal and last month's services and arrears.
  • If the installment value is less than the bill, then the installment value paid will be calculated for services first.


The Community Development Program is a program to empower the social condition of the community. The empowerment programs carried out are in the fields of:

  1. Aid to Natural Disaster Victims.
  2. Educational assistance in the form of training, educational facilities and infrastructure.
  3. Health improvement assistance.
  4. Assistance in the development of public facilities/infrastructure.
  5. Prayer facilities assistance.
  6. Nature conservation assistance.
  7. Community social assistance in the context of poverty alleviation, such as:
  8. Electrification assistance in areas that do not have electricity.
  9. Assistance in providing clean water facilities
  10. Assistance in providing MCK facilities
  11. Assistance in education, training, apprenticeship, promotion, and other forms related to efforts to increase the economic independence of small businesses that are not Fostered Partners of the Partnership Program.

IV. Central and Regional Partnership and Community Development Program Organization

V. PKBL Activities

The realization of PT Pos Indonesia's (Persero) Social and Environmental Responsibility in 2021 can be seen in the following video;