Visi, Misi, Tujuan dan Tata Nilai

Company Goal

Building a more competitive and prosperous country.


Be the most competitive Postal Operator, Courier, Logistic, and Financial Service provider.


Act effectively to achieve the best performance.

Persyaratan Utama (Key Words)

To fulfil our vision and mission, there are several (things/ steps/ actions) that are needed to do:

  1. Giving a relevant product according to what the market needs;
  2. Giving a prime service;
  3. Operate business process efficiently;
  4. Building a prime information technology solution and reliable human capital;
  5. Strengthen the internal control system, governance, and risk management to achieve sufficient maturity level and secure the achievement of company goal.



AKHLAK is Indonesia’s state-own company culture proposed by the Ministry of State-Own Company. The main meaning behind AKHLAK is stated below:


  1. Amanah (Trustworthy)
    Holding on to the trust given to us.
  2. Kompeten (Competent)
    Keep learning and developing capability.
  3. Harmonis (Harmonic)
    Care for each other and respect difference.
  4. Loyal (Loyal)
    Dedicated to prioritize country’s (behalf/ importance).
  5. Adaptif (Adaptive)
    Keep innovating and enthusiast in facing and moving changes.
  6. Kolaboratif (Collaborative)
    Building a strategic corporation.